@In the exhibition rooms of archaeology, archaeological materials including two designated National Important Cultural Properties which consist of 477 items are exhibited. About two hundred thousand materials from the Palaeolithic age to the Early modern period (Edo era) mainly from the northeast districts of Japan are stored and utilized for academic researches internationally. A part of representative artifacts of these materials are published in "Catalogue of Archaeological Collections Vol.1 and 2" in 1982.
@Representative sites which yielded archaeological materials kept in the exhibition rooms of archaeology are introduced. Visits are limited to researchers for academic purposes.

Palaeolithic Age
@Sozudai site in Oita prefecture, Iwajuku site in Gunma prefecture, Hoshino site, Mukoyama site, Isoyama site in Tochigi prefecture, Kamino site in Yamagata prefecture, Iwato site in Oita prefecture, Araya site and Nakabayashi site in Niigata prefecture, Fukui Cave in Nagasaki prefecture, Tazawa site in Niigata prefecture, Mosanru site in Hokkaido.

Jomon Age
@Kamegaoka site, Tokoshinai site and Utetsu site in Aomori prefecture, Fujikabu site and Aso site in Akita prefecture, Jaodo Cave, Maeda site, Amataki site, Satoyari site, Nakagami site in Iwate prefecture, Soyama shell midden, Myojin'ura site, Funairijima shell midden, Kamikawana shell midden, Daigi-gakoi shell midden, Nukazuka shell midden, Omatsuzawa shell midden, Minamizakai shell midden, Nakasawame shell midden, Numazu shell midden, Satohama shell midden, and Sanno-gakoi site in Miyagi prefecture, Fukurohara site in Fukushima prefecture.

Yayoi Age
@Tareyanagi site, Seno site and Nimaibashi site in Aomori prefecture, Nakagami site and Tokiwa site in Iwate prefecture, Minamikoizumi site, Nishidaihata site, Enda site, Kawara-gakoi site in Miyagi prefecture.

Kofun Age
@Kyonozuka burial mound in Miyagi prefecture, Ueta yokoana tomb in Shimane prefecture, Daimachi
burial mounds, Yama-gakoi burial mound, Minamikoizumi site and Kidowakiura site in Miyagi prefecture.

From Ancient to Modern Age and Ethnographic Materials.
@Mutsu Kokubunji temple site, Mutsu Kokubunniji temple site, Koriyama site, Nagiriya temple site, Kido tile kiln site, Tagajo temple site, Koganeyama gold mine temple site, Hinodeyama tile kiln site, Kirigome-nishiyama porcelain workshop site in Miyagi prefecture, Ainu ethnographic materials in Hokkaido and Sakhalin islands.