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Tohoku University has many facilities on its campuses to provide support to students

The Kawauchi Campus contains the University Counseling Center, Health Administration Center, Center for International Exchange, and Center for Career Support. These facilities are readily available to students for their use. The Botanical Gardens are
a good place for students to take walks and enjoy a break from research and study.

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The Main Library of the University Library stands next to the Graduate School of Arts and Letters. It is a comfortable space filled with knowledge and information necessary for academic studies. The Main Library alone contains 1,428,751 books in Japanese and Chinese, and 1,124,718 books in Western languages, for a total of 2,553,469 books. There are 24,123 magazines/journals in Japanese and 16,581 magazines/journals in Western languages for a total of 40,704 magazines/journals. The entire library has a total of 3,815,636 books and 76,136 magazines/journals. It is one of Japan's largest libraries and has special collections such as the Kano Collection (two national treasures are included),
the Soseki Collection and many rare and valuable books.

It also has electronic journals and databases that are now indispensable to academic research. They can be accessed outside of the library. The library occasionally provides courses on how to use them.

The Main Library is open from 08:00-22:00 on weekdays, and 10:00-22:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. These hours make the library easily accessible to students.

Special collections

Name Former owner Number of books Field
Abe Collection Abe Jiro 5,190 Japanese culture
Ishizu Collection Ishizu Teruji 4,773 Philosophy of religion
Ito Collection Ito Nobuo 4,526 Archaeology/History
Orui Collection Orui Shin 946 History of the Western world
Kano Collection Kano Kokichi 108,000 Whole field (mainly on Japanese and Chinese classics)
Kono Collection Kono Yoichi 1,108 Classics
Kojima Collection Kojima Kikuo 1,494 Western art history
Soseki Collection Natsume Soseki 3,068 English literature (with description of impressions)
Bansui Collection Doi Bansui 2,624 Western poetry related (with description of impressions)
Koeber Collection Raphael von Koeber 1,999 Western philosophy
Wundt Collection Wilhelm Wundt 15,840 Mainly on Psychology
Tibetan Tripitaka Tada Tokan 6,652 Tibetology
Kanaya Collection Kanaya Osamu 5,252 Chinese thought/Philosophy