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Working Paper

The Guideline of Working Paper Series
  • 1. Language must be in English.
  • 2. The format must be followed as:
    • A) Be 7 printed pages or less excluding tables, figures, appendices and references.
    • B) Use 12pt Times Roman, CM (standard fonts for TeX and LaTeX) or other similar font.
    • C) Pages should be single spaced with one-inch margins.
    • D) Sections and subsections should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals (as in section 1. and subsection 1.2). Section headings should be centered and in bold
    • E) Figures and tables should be included within the manuscript in the correct place where this is feasible.
  • 3. The topic discussed must be related with social stratifications and inequalities. The authors must make clear about how your research contributes to this field of study.
  • 4. The part of your dissertation or the preliminary result of your current research would be more than welcome to submit.
  • 5. The deadline would be at the end of February, 2013. The draft must be submitted to Airin Izumi at coesec[at] before December, 2012.
Working Paper Series

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