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E-mail address: name=nik; domain=jp,ac,tohoku,sal (reverse order)

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Postal Address

In English:

Applied Japanese Linguistics
Faculty of Arts and Letters
Tohoku University
980-8576 JAPAN

In Romanized Japanese:

Nihongo Kyouikugaku
Touhoku Daigaku
980-8576 JAPAN


Our office is in "Kawauti-minami" [South Kawauchi] Campus of Tohoku University, the 2nd floor of the building called "Bun-hou Goudou Kenkyuutou" [Arts and Letters / Law Joint Building] [codenamed as the "H" building]. See the maps below.


*** Subway Tôzai Line started 2015-12-06. Old bus stops around the South Kawauchi Campus were then gone. ***
*** The Tohoku University Campus Bus service depends on the school calendar. ***

Maps and timetables

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