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Regarding Japanese Intellectual History

The study of Japanese Intellectual History is the academic area which sets out to objectively clarify from an historical perspective those things which are in comparison to various other countries and races "Japanese, including a full variety of conflicting currents and the exploration of intellectual approaches, sense of values, processes of formation and the peculiarities thereof. Its objective is by means of the broad elucidation of the various intellectual and cultural workings, which developed within Japan from ancient times to the present to explore the issues of human nature and of what "Japanese people might be.

About the Department

The Tohoku University Department of Japanese Intellectual History has since its establishment in 1923 been a pioneering presence consistently playing a central role in the field and providing many outstanding researchers who have worked both in Japan and abroad. A large number of undergraduate and graduate students are currently in the department, deepening their various individual projects and approaches and enthusiastically coming to grips with their research. In recent years we have forged links with universities and research centres in other countries with which we have held conferences and symposia on Japan Studies. The department has been highly esteemed both in Japan and abroad.

Students from overseas

This department has a long history of enthusiastically taking on overseas students. These have come from many different countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and have included not only undergraduate students but also many who have belonged to the graduate school. Overseas students are enthusiastically engaged in reading primary materials in the original, deepening their academic insight and making presentations in class. Overseas students have also by making effective use of the education and research curriculum of this department earned doctoral degrees and found university teaching posts in their home countries.

In support of a fulfilling and successful study abroad experience

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To ensure a full and rewarding study abroad experience, some level of Japanese language ability is necessary. Before studying abroad, make clear and plan carefully the research you would like to undertake. The rewards and results of studying abroad differ greatly depending on the preparations made beforehand.

At Tohoku University you will be free to take not only the classes held by this department, but also those of departments working in other fields and those designed for overseas students such as Japanese essay-writing skills or reading classical Japanese texts. Regarding the academic fields available for study here, please refer to the School of Arts and Letters homepage.


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