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AGATSUMA Syuueiの変更点

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!    Research Interest
My field is sociology of science.
While following up the development of "the Third Wave of Science Studies" theory proposed by Harry Collins(1943-) and other researchers in particular, I study the relationship between science and politics/expertise and democracy.

!    Biography
*    Academic Background
Apr 2015-Mar 2019    Tohoku University, Bachelor of Literature (Department of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Apr 2019-Mar 2021    Tohoku University, Master of Literature (Sociology, Department of Integrated Human Sciences)
Apr 2021-present       Tohoku University, Doctor of Literature (Sociology, Department of Integrated Human Sciences)

*    Work Experience
Apr 2021-Sep 2021    Tohoku Gakuin University, Part-time lecturer (Media Literacy)

*    Committee Experience
Apr 2021-present    The Tohoku Sociological Society, Accounting Committee
Apr 2021-present    Tohoku Sociological Association, Editorial Committee

*    	Affiliated Academic Society
The Japan Sociological Society
The Sociology of Science Society of Japan
The Tohoku Sociological Society
Tohoku Sociological Association
Tohoku Cultural Laboratory, Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University

!    Publication
*    Thesis
Agatsuma, S. 2020, 'The Discernment of the "Society" Concept in "the Third Wave of Science Studies" Theory,' 2020 Master's Thesis, Tohoku University.

*    Articles

*    Presentation
Agatsuma, S. 2020, 'The Examination of "Core" Concept in "the Third Wave of Science Studies."' Presented at: The Tohoku Sociological Society the Second  Regular Meeting in 2020(online), 18 July 2020. (Chairman: UEDA Kosuke, Commentator: SHIMIZU Ukyo)
Agatsuma, S. 2020, 'The Overview and the Discernment of "the Third Wave of Science Studies."' Presented at: "Reading the Waves Between Society and Science," Philosophy Online Seminar, 13 December 2020. (Organizer: SHIMIZU Ukyo, Presenter: AGATSUMA Shuei, ONO Kyoko, NAGAI Takashi, HAYASHI Takehiko, SHIMIZU Ukyo)

*    Report
The Listening and Recording Project for Life Support Advisor, 2018, ''Since that Day which I've become the Supporter: The Talk of Supporters Watching Over Their Own Hometown,'' Miyagi Prefectural Support Center Support Office. (Representative: HONMA Teruo, Participants: Agatsuma Shuei, ADACHI Kotono, IWADATE Yumi, OOI Jiro, OHUCHI Erina, KIMURA Tadafumi, KOJIMA Emi, SAKURABA Misaki, SATO Yurika, TAKITA Hirosumi, NAKAGAWA Megumi, MATSUBARA Hisashi, MATSUMOTO Keiko, MIURA Tadayoshi, YOSHINO Kyosuke)

!    Contact
E-mail: shuei.agatsuma.q2@dc.tohoku.ac.jp