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吉原直樹Professor of Sociology, Graduate School of Art and Letters, Tohoku University.

BA Economy; MA, PhD Sociology (Keio University)

TEL&FAX: +81-22-795-7690


International comparative study of glass roots

Since 1975, I have examined the structural properties of grassroots of Japan mainly by the analysis of the configuration of Chonaikai, Jichikai, or neighborhood associations and the people grounded on them. Chiefly, Fukuyama City, Kobe City, Yokohama City, Sendai City and Morioka City have been made into the example of this analysis. The Miyazaki prize was awarded by Kobe City to a part of these results in 1991. At the same time, diachrony of the grassroots has been explored by tracing back to the term of the postwar reforms, and the comparative study especially with Kaifong of Hong Kong and RT/RW of Indonesia has been advanced. Especially the latter has been carried out as international joint research with the staff of Chinese University of Hong Kong and Universitas Indonesia etc., and the middle-result was already reported at the ISA-sponsored conference of the International Sociological Association in July 2002 and the Universitas Indonesia-sponsored international symposium in November 2002, and has obtained high evaluation. Incidentally, a part of the result was published as English book by Grasindo at the end of February 2003.

Studies toward reconstruction of the Urban Theory

In accordance with evolution of the New Urban Sociology on and after the second half of the 1970s, I have searched the prospect of reconstruction of Urban Theory in line with the space theory, the time theory, and the argument on modernity. And the middle-result of this research was published as Toshi Kukan no Shakai Riron (The Social Theory of Urban Space) which was awarded the Japan Urban Society Prize (Okui prize) in 1995. And Toshi to Modernity no Riron (The City and Modernity) published in September 2002 has already made the headlines of Nihon Keizai Shimbun etc. and the translation to several languages is progressing as the first text on the theory of urban space in Asia which puts modernity and space into the range.

Studies of Asian Megacities and new middle classes

I am now making headway in the research which treats the new middle class' rise (middle-classizing) in Megacities of Asia not only as a positive thing but as a cause of the danger inherent in Mega-urbanization. The middle-classization not only paralyzes the urban function by rapid motorization and housing land development and enormous quantities of garbage generating and abandonment, but is weakening the safety net function of traditional neighborhood associations. Therefore, middle-classization seems to be running its course toward disintegration, digging down the base of middle-classization itself. The disintegration of this middle-classizing continues as it is - or does a new change arise in the new middle class' lifestyle? In order to catch the new middle class' trend accurately, I’m doing research from the viewpoint of risk society and the post-colonial.

Book Published

  • 2008 Global Tourism no Shinten to Chiiki Community no Henyou (Advancing Global Tourism and The Changing of Local Communities), Tokyo: Ochanomizushobo. (edited)
  • 2007 Hiraite Mamoru (Open Security), Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten.
  • 2006 Globalka to Asia Shakai (Globalization and Asian Societies), Tokyo: Toshindo.
  • 2006 Ekkyosuru Toshi to Governance (Cross-bordering of Cities and Governance), Tokyo: Hosei University Press (co-edited with Kamon Nitagai and Sumiko Yazawa).
  • 2005 Asia Mega-city no Dotai to Chiiki Community no Dotai (An Asian Megacity and the Dynamics of Local Community), Tokyo: Ochanomizu Shobo. (edited)
  • 2004 The Possibility of Sustainable Cities and the Problems of International and Intellectual Exchange, Denpasar: Universitas Udayana (co-edited with I Gede Putu Wirawan).
  • 2004 Shoki Cicago-gakuha no Sekai (The World of the early Chicago School), Tokyo: Koseisha- Koseikaku (co-edited with Makoto Hogetsu).
  • 2004 Jikan to Kuhkan de yomu Kindai no Monogatari (The tale of modernity read in time and space), Tokyo: Yuhikaku.
  • 2003 Grass Roots and the Neighborhood Associations: on Japan’s Chonaikai and Indonesia’s RT/RW, Jakarta: Grasindo (co-edited with Raphaella D. Dwianto).
  • 2002 Toshi to Modernity no Riron (The City and Modernity), Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press.
  • 2000 Asia no Chiiki Jyumin Soshiki: Chonaikai, Kaifong and RT/RW (Neighborhood Associations in Asian Societies: On the Chonaikai, Kaifong and RT/RW), Tokyo: Ochanomizu Shobo.
  • 2000 Toshi Keiei no Siso (Thoughts of Urban Management), Tokyo: Aoki Shoten.
  • 2000 Toshi Shakai Kukan to Toshi Shakai Keikaku (Urban Social Spaces and Urnban Social Planning), Tokyo: Ochanomizu Shobo. (co-edited with Kazutaka Hashimoto)
  • 1999 Toshi Shakaigaku (Urban Sociology), Tokyo: Uhikaku (co-edited with Hiroo Fujita).
  • 1996 Toshi Kukan no Kosoryoku (Imagination of Urban Space), Tokyo: Keiso Shobo (edited).
  • 1995 Toshi to Modernity (City and Modernity), Kyoto: Minerva Shobo (co-edited with Nobuhiko Iwasaki).
  • 1994 Toshi Kukan no Shakai Riron:New Urban Sociology no Shatei (The Social Theory of Urban Space: The New Urban Sociology), Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press.
  • 1993 Toshi no Siso (The History of Urban Thought), Tokyo: Aoki Shoten (edited).
  • 1989 Chonaikai no Kenkyu (Studies of Chonaikai), Tokyo: Ochanomizu Shobo.
  • 1989 Sengo Kaikaku to Chiiki Jyumin Soshiki: Senryoka no Toshi Chonaikai (The Postwar Reforms and the Chonaikai: Trends during the Occupation), Kyoto: Minerva Shobo.
  • 1987 Toshi: Shakaigaku to Jinruigaku karano Sekkin (Cities: Approaches from Sociology and Anthropology), Kyoto: Minerva Shobo.
  • 1986 Toshiron no Frontier (Current Questions of City), Tokyo: Uhikaku (co-edited Nobuhiko Iwasaki).
  • 1983 Toshi Shakaigaku no Kihon Mondai (Basic Problems in Urban Sociology), Tokyo: Aoki Shoten.
  • 1980 Chiiki Shakai to Chiiki Jumin Sosiki (Local Societies and Neighborhood Associations), Tokyo: Yachiyo Shupan.


Research Category

[Urban Sociology,Sociology of Community,Asian Urban Studies]

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