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TASHIRO Shimon, Ph.D.


Journal Articles

  • Tashiro S. Rethinking research ethics from the TGN1412 trial: toward a fairer distribution of risks in clinical trials. Clinical Evaluation 2006, 34(Suppl XXIV): 142-162 (in Japanese).
  • Tashiro S. The need for distinctions between research and practice in medical ethics: comparative studies in Japan and the U.S. Clinical Ethics 2006, 4: 95-115 (in Japanese).
  • Tashiro S. Reconstructing professional autonomy: Talcott Parsons and the sociology of medicine. The Study of Sociology 2006; 79: 85-109 (in Japanese).
  • Tashiro S. Pluralistic developments of hospice movements in the community: a case study of three competitive ideals in Okayama. The Japanese Journal of Health and Medical Sociology 2005; 17(1): 1-12 (in Japanese).
  • Tashiro S. Bioethics policy and religious voices: the debate on stem cell research in the U.S. Gospel and World 2004; 59(12): 42-47 (in Japanese).
  • Tashiro S. The secularization of American bioethics and its consequences. Catholic Social Welfare Studies 2004; 4: 91-119 (in Japanese).
  • Tashiro S. Religion and bioethics: religious traditions in American bioethics. The Study of Sociology2003; 73: 111-134(in Japanese).
  • Tashiro S. R. Fox’s essays on bioethics: toward the sociology of bioethics. The Annual Reports of the Tohoku Sociological Society 2002; 35: 83-100 (in Japanese).

Book Chapters

  • Tashiro S. The birth of informed consent in clinical research: how RCT changed medicine and researcher-subject relationships. In: Sugita Y, ed. Studies on Healthcare: Japan and the United States, Small World Press, 2006 (in Japanese).
  • Tashiro S. Religion and ethics: the sacred in contemporary society. In: Hayasaka Y, Hiroi Y, eds. Sociology of Nursing and Social Welfare Studies, Minerva Press, 2004 (in Japanese).


  • Tashiro S. Constructing the human research subjects protection system in Japan, Clinical Ethics, 2006; 4: 3-8(in Japanese).
  • Tashiro S. Review of Watching Bioethics: A Half-century as a Medical Sociologist, by Renee C. Fox, The Japanese Journal of Health and Medical Sociology 2004; 14(2): 65-66 (in Japanese).

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