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GAMBE Nayuta

GAMBE Nayuta

''Born in 1999, specializing in community sociology and disaster sociology.

Local community societies have intricate structures woven throughout the long history leading to the present day, marked by mechanisms for the reproduction and maintenance of these structures. However, the increasing complexity of modern societies and individual lifestyles has brought about transformations in the structures of these community societies. To unveil the ongoing changes in local community societies, particularly focusing on the analysis of the structures of residents' activities related to disasters, recovery, and reconstruction processes, and disaster prevention, from the perspective of local community sociology.

Furthermore, adopting the viewpoint of disaster sociology, I explore narratives of disaster experiences from the perspective of disaster-affected individuals. Positioning narratives as a form of social function for the transmission of lessons, I aim to describe the "rationality of continuous storytelling/ending storytelling" for the narrators themselves.


・Gambe Nayuta, Tsuda Honoka, Aizawa Akene (2016), "16-Year-Old Narrators, from the disaster of Great East Japan Earthquake " Supervised by Toshiro Sato, Poplar Company (Published in February 2016).

・Gambe Nayuta (2020), "Whereabouts of Memories and Emotions in the Aftermath of the Earthquake: Lost Memories and Family Relationships," Edited by Kanebishi Kiyoshi, Seminar Publishing (Published on March 11, 2020).

・Gambe Nayuta (2020), "Wandering Memories and Emotions of the Earthquake: Children's Determination Regarding Mental Recovery," Edited by the Children's Body and Mind White Paper 2020 Editorial Committee, Children's Body and Mind Contact Conference (Published on December 25, 2020).

・Gambe Nayuta (2021), "To the Wandering You of Ten Years Ago," Edited by Kanebishi Kiyoshi, Shinyo Company (Published on January 30, 2021).

・Gambe Nayuta (2022), "Day of the Earthquake," Edited by Momose Shinobu, "Does the World Suddenly Change?" KADOKAWA (Published on February 9, 2022).

Conference reports and oral presentations

・Gambe Nayuta, "Changes in the Significance of Local Livelihoods and Common Lands: A Case Study of the Shinjo District in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture," 69th Tohoku Sociological Association Conference, Tohoku University, July 16, 2023.

Gambe Nayuta, "Historical Changes in the Significance of Common Lands and Their Connection to Local Livelihoods: A Case Study of the Shinjo District in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture," 96th Japan Sociological Society Conference, Rissho University, October 8, 2023.

Academic Affiliations

・The Japan Sociological Society
・The Tohoku Sociological Association
・The Tohoku Sociological Research Association
・The Japan Society of Disaster Recovery

Lectures, social activities, etc. (from FY2023 onward)


Research Categories

・Local community sociology
・Disaster sociology



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