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EEL No. 37 (2024)

NAKAMURA Taichi and Kenji Sugimoto: “On the Coordination of Unlikes”

SAKAMOTO Mizuki: “Weight Sensitivity and Linearization”

SATO Yosuke and Shin-ichi Kitada: “Transfer Domains in Japanese and Relativized vP Phases”

SUZUKI Maya: “A Labeling-Based Approach to Massive Pied-Piping in English”

EEL No. 36 (2023)

HIRATSUKA Tetsuro: “Derivations of Transparent Free Relatives by Discontinuous Spellout”

SATO Yosuke and Jacky Jie Qi Chua: “A Dual-Structure Analysis of Coordination”

SUZUKI Maya: “Labeling XP-YP Configurations”

YANAGISAWA Kunio: “Labeling and Disjunctive Feature Sharing”

EEL No. 35 (2021)

HIROKAWA Takaaki: “Agreement Features and Non-nominal Subjects”

KITADA Shin-Ichi: “Strategies for Transfer”

TSUTSUMI Hirokazu: “Scrambling and Scope Economy”

YANAGISAWA Kunio: “Subject Extraction and the Two EPP Requirements”

EEL No. 34 (2020)

LEE Chein-Man: “Two Sources for Sluicing in Mandarin Chinese”

NAKASHIMA Takanori: “Deducing Transfer Domain from Minimal Search”

TAMURA Jun: “Complementizers at the Syntax-Phonology Interface”

TOZAWA Takahiro: “The Sideward Pair-MERGE of the Relative Clause and Its Antecedent”

EEL No. 33 (2019)

HIROKAWA Takaaki: “An Analysis of Comparative Correlatives in English”

KIMURA Takayuki: “A Phase-Based Analysis of Reflexive Binding in Japanese-English Interlanguage”

NAKASHIMA Takanori: “On the Domain of Minimal Search for Labeling”

SAITO Shogo: “Phonological Effects of Silent Elements”

TSUTSUMI Hirokazu: “On Reconstruction Assymmetry in Left Branch Extraction”

EEL No. 32 (2018)

KANNO Satoru: “Agreement Phenomena and the C-I Interface”

LEE Chein-Man: “Why do Null Subjects Lack Sloppy Readings in Mandarin Chinese?”

NAKASHIMA Takanori: “Some Syntactic Character of Rhetorical Questions”

TSUTSUMI Hirokazu: “Economy and Pronominal Binding”

SAITO Shogo: “A Phonological Analysis of VP-Ellipsis in Infinitival Clauses”

SATO Ryosuke: “Remarks on Sentence Initial That Clauses”

EEL No. 31 (2017)

表紙 目次

ARANO Akihiko: “On Intervention in Move and Agree: A Case of Dependencies across Experiencers”

KITADA Shin-Ichi: “Minimizing Application of Movement: Evidence from Echo Question in English”

LEE Chein-Man: “Null Arguments in Mandarin Chinese”

NAKASHIMA Takanori: “On Strict Cycricity and Label: Toward Elimination of Late Merge”

SAITO Shogo: “The Relation between Late Merge and Phases”

SATO Ryosuke: “Remarks on Clausal Gerunds”

EEL No. 30 (2016)

IGATA Yu: "Reconstruction Asymmetry in Fragment Answers"

KANEKO Yoshiaki: “Remarks on Double Access Phenomena in English Finite Complement Clauses”

SATO Ryosuke: "Identifying the Structure of Deverbal Derived Nominals by VP-Ellipsis and Pseudo-Gapping"

TOZAWA Takahiro: "A Unified Analysis of Reduced Relative Clauses and Comparative Clauses"

LEE Chein-Man: "Null Arguments in Burmese"

EEL No. 29 (2015)

ICHINOWATARI Yuki: "On the Derivation of the Talk Construction in English"

KANNO Satoru: "Tense of Infinitival and Subjunctive Clauses"

NAKAMURA Taichi and Kenji Sugimoto: "Argument Structure Alternations and Verb Phrase Ellipsis: Two Case Studies"

NAKASHIMA Takanori: "On the Chain Interpretation of Negation"

SATO Motoki: "String-Vacuous VP-Ellipsis in Comparative Clauses"

EEL No. 28 (2014)

ASAKA Toshihiko: "Lexical Functional Categories"

KANEKO Yoshiaki: “Remarks on Sequence of Tense in English”

KOJIMA Satsuki: "The Acquisition of Do-Support as a PF Operation"

SHIMA Etsuro: "A Unified Analysis of Left-Dislocation and Gapping in English"

EEL No. 27 (2013)

ARANO Akihiko: "On Spell-Out of 'Intermediate Projections'"

EMOTO Hiroaki: "The Labeling Algorithm and Obligatory Ellipsis"

KITADA Shin-Ichi: "Investigations of Argument Structure within the Minimalist Program"

SATO Motoki: "Verb-Stranding VP-Ellipsis in English"

SUGIMOTO Kenji: "A Constructivist Approach to the Induced Action Alternation"

EEL No. 26 (2012)

ARANO Akihiko: "On Certain Differences between Locative and Quotative Inversion"

MIYOSHI Nobuhiro: "EPP as an Edge Feature: An Investigation of Inheritance"

SATO Motoki: "A Minimalist Analysis of Expletive Constructions and Do-Support"

SUGIMOTO Kenji: "On Agentive Verbs of Manner of Motion in the Theta System"

EEL No. 25 (2011)

ARANO Akihiko: "Uninterpretable Features and the Immobility of Constituents"

ASAKA Toshihiko: "Denominalizing Constructions"

SATO Motoki: "Phases and VP Ellipsis"

TOTSUKA Masashi: "Cartography and Spell-Out Domains"

EEL No. 24 (2010)

EMOTO Hiroaki: "Spell-Out Domains"

KANNO Satoru: "Tense Features of Infinitival Complement Clauses"

KITADA Shin-Ichi: "The Right Roof Constraints in the Minimalist Program"

MIYOSHI Nobuhiro: "On Agreement Restrictions in Ainu"

NAKAMURA Taichi: "Feature Inheritance and Phase-Driven Head Movement"

TOZAWA Takahiro: "The Head Raising Analysis of Comparative Clauses"

EEL No. 23 (2009)

ASAKA Toshihiko: "On the Multiple Semantic Functions of the Pseudo-Partitive"

NAKAMURA Taichi: "Internal Pair Merge: The Fourth Type of Merge"

SUGIMOTO Kenji: "On Adjective Phrases with Infinitival Clauses"

TOZAWA Takahiro: "On Case Assignmentt to the Subject in English Non-Finite Clauses"

EEL No. 22 (2008)

EMOTO Hiroaki: "Phases as the Only Movable Elements"

KANNO Satoru: "Semantic Effects of the Operation Agree"

KITADA Shin-Ichi: "A Minimalist Analysis of Coordinate Structures"

KODA Yusuke: "A Minimalist Approach to Japanese"

NAKAMURA Taichi: "Unpronounced Nominal Head of Determiner-Headed Free Relatives"

TOZAWA Takahiro: "Some Notes on Feature Inheritance"

EEL No. 21 (2007)

DOBASHI Yoshihito: "Phonological Phrase Restructuring and Directionality"

KANNO Satoru: "Two Types of Weak CP Phases"

SUZUKI Toru: "Boundedness and Spurious Resultatives"

TAMURA Shin-Ichi, Masatoshi Koizumi, Takuya Goro, Natsuko Katsura, Yoshiaki Kaneko, Noriaki Yusa, and Hiroko Hagiwara: "Word- Order Preferences for the Ni-Phrase and the O-Phrase in Japanese Children's Production of Ditransitive Sentences"

TOZAWA Takahiro: "Remarks on Free Relative Clauses with Special Reference Wh-ever"

EEL No. 20 (2006)

ASAKA Toshihiko: "A Constructional Approach to Nominal Modification"

SATO Yosuke: "Remarks on the Drivataional vs. Representational Theories of Grammar: A Multiple Spell-Out Account of One- and Do so-Substitution"

TAKAHASHI Mika: "ECM with CP Complements as Raising-to-Edge: Evidence from Japanese and Romanian"

EEL No. 19 (2004)

DOBASHI Yoshihito: "Multiple Spell-Out, Label-Free Syntax, and PF-Interface"

KANEKO Yoshiaki: "A Derivational Approach to Temporal Interpretation in English"

MIYOSHI Nobuhiro:The Simple Present Tense in Japanese and the Phonetically Empty Universal Quantifier

EEL No. 18 (2003)

LUPSA Cornelia Daniela:"Second Delimiters as Subject Oriented Resultative Phrases"

SHIMA Etsuro: "Present and Past Tenses in Future Contexts"

SUZUKI Toru: "Constraining Resultatives: A Significant Transition on a Unique Scale"

TAKAHASHI Mika:"Remarks on ECM Constructions with Infinitival Complements"

TOMIZAWA Naoto: "Obviation of Condition (C) Effects in Recycling Contexts"

EEL No. 17 (2002)

LUPSA Cornelia Daniela:"Unergativity of Verbs of Motion"

MIYOSHI Nobuhiro: "Notes on a 'Global' Parameter: Compounds and Complex Predicates"

SATO Yosuke: "A Dynamic Semantic Account of Causative Psych Verb Constructions"

TAKAHASHI Mika:"Deriving Superiority Effects from the PIC"

TOMIZAWA Naoto: "Toward a Computationally Efficient Syntax: Semantic Interpretation in LA" Notes and Discussion

HATAKEYAMA Yuji:"Some Notes on the i-within-i Condition"

EEL No. 16 (2001)

KANEKO Yoshiaki:"Conditional If-Clauses and the Covert Performative Modal"

SATO Kaori:"What Categories Carry Functional Features in Syntactic Computation?" Notes and Discussion

TAKAHASHI Mika: "Maximal Feature Matching and the MLC"

KATO Miho: "An Investigation of Reflexives and Pronominals in Second Language Acquisition"

EEL No. 15 (2000)

NAKAMURA Masaru:"A Strong Thesis of the Computational Component"

NAKAMURA Yoshio: "The 'Head-Adjunction' Analysis of Preverbal Adverbs"

TAKAHASHI Mika: "On 'Locality' Phenomena: An Alternative Approach to MLC"

TOMIZAWA Naoto:"Earliness in Feature-Checking and Semantic Interpretation"

EEL No. 14 (1999)

KANEKO Yoshiaki:"Toward Eliminating C-command from Linguistic Theory"

MIURA Yasuhiro:"A Unified Analysis of English Focus Constructions"

NISHIYAMA Kunio: "The Morphology-Phonology Distinction and Derivational/Representational View of Grammar:A Case of Phonologically Conditioned Allomorphy"

SATO Kaori:"Uninterpretable Features and Recoverability: the Function of Head Movements"

YAMASHITA Hiroshi: "The Pronunciation of Japanese Words in English Sentences"

EEL No. 13 (1998)

DOBASHI Yoshio: "Features and Syntactic Derivations"

HATAKEYAMA Yuji:"Adjuncts, the Extension Condition, and Anti-Reconstruction Effects"

IWAYA Tomoko: "The Temporal Interpretation of Adjunct Clauses"

NAKAMURA Yoshio:"Three Notes on the Subject Condition Effects"

NAKAZAWA Satomi:"The Psychological Verbs as a Relational Event Functor"

OGAWA Yoshiki:"Dative Shift in Japanese"

SHIMA Etsuro:"Deriving the Case Adjacency Effects"

EEL No. 12 (1997)

DOBASHI Yoshio: "Features and Merge"

MIYOSHI Nobuhiro:"Attract-F and Interpretability"

NAKASAWA Satomi:"The Conceptual Structure of Phychological Verbs"

OGAWA Yoshiki:"Elimination of Lexical Syntax and a Unified Syntactic Analysis of Middle Verbs and Simple Event Nominals"

OKUNO Tadanori:"The Syntax and Semantics of Communication Verbs"

SHIMA Etsuro:"Merge or Move"

EEL No. 11 (1996)

MARUTA Tadao:"Depictives and the Incremental Theme"

MIYOSHI Nobuhiro:"Long-Distance Head Movement and Greed"

NAITO Hisashi:"Object Expletives and the AGR-Based Case Theory"

NAKASAWA Satomi:"The Middle Formation and Intransitivization"

OGAWA Yoshiki:"Word Order, Multiple Specifiers and the LCA"

TOMISAWA Naoto:"On Overt Movement of Null Operator and the Theory of Adjunction"

YAMASHITA hiroshi:"Auxiliary Reduction and Vacuous Movement in English"

EEL No. 10 (1995)

CHIBA Sonoko:"A Note on Small Clause Restructuring"

HATAKEYAMA Yuji:"Equidistance and Its Consequences for Subject-Aux Inversion"

KUMAGAI Takeshi:"Copying, Deletion and Vehicle Change"

NAITO Hisashi:"Case Conversions and Their Dependencies"

SUZUKI Toru:"Notes on Acc-ing in Noun/Preposition Complements from a Minimalist Perspecive"

TAKAHASHI Yukio:"On the Extrinsic Ordering and Duplication of Phonological Rules in Lexical Phonology"

EEL No. 9 (1994)

ASAKA Toshihiro:"SPEC of AGR as a Scope Position"

GOTO Yoshihisa:"Clausal Subjects and the Expletive It"

MARUTA Tadao:"A Lexical Conceptual Approach to the Locative Alternation"

NAKAMURA Masaru:"The Internal Structure of the Second Object in the Double Object Construction"

SHIMA Etsuro:"Optional Movements and the Economy Constraint"

TANCREDI Christopher:"Syntax and Reasoning"

EEL No. 8 (1993)

CHIBA Sonoko:"Reanalysis Reconsidered"

GOTO Yoshihisa:"On As-Relatives"

KAWAHIRA Yoshio:"A Remark on Case-Assignment and θ-Role-Assignment"

NAKAMURA Yoshio:"Substitution Analysis of Preposing Constructions"

OKUNO Tadanori:"Antecedent-Contained Deletions and Logical Form"

TOMISAWA Naoto:"Secondary Locatives and Their Representations at Conceptual Structure"

EEL No. 7 (1992)

ASAKA Toshihiro:"The Feature Realization Principle and the Structure of Noun Phrases"

CHIBA Sonoko:"On Parasitic Gaps in Subject NPs"

NARITA Koh:"Present Perfect Form and the Definite Time Adverbials"

TAKAHASHI Yukio:"Lexical Phonology and the English Lateral Syllabification"

NAKAMURA Yoshio:"A-Movement Analysis of Heavy NP Shift"

EEL No. 6 (1991)

NAKAMURA Yoshio:"Preposition Stranding by NP-Movement and Gapping Phenomena"

TOMISAWA Naoto:"A Study of Antecedent-Contained Deletion in English"

SAITO Mamoru:"From the Symposium of the 60th General Meeting of the English Literary Society of Japan 1988 -- Methodology of Generative Syntax"

KIKUCHI Akira:"The Development of the Bounding Theory"

AKI Takamichi:"The Development of the Binding Theory"

EEL No. 5 (1990)

KANEKO Yoshiaki:"A Note on Future Conditional Clauses in English"

KITAHARA Yoshio:"On the Prepositional Phrases of the Form P-PP"

MARUTA Tadao:"On Ordering Paradoxes"

SATO Chieko:"On the Japanese Double-ga Construction"

TACHI Kiyotaka:"Conjoined Wh-words and the COMP Node"

TAKAHASHI Kiyoshi:"A Comparison of OE and ModE from Li & Thompson's (1976) Typological Point of View"

TAKAHASHI Yukio:"On the Treatment of Schwa Deletion and Flapping in American English"

YUSA Noriaki:"Does QR Exist"

EEL No. 4 (1989)

AMANO Masachiyo:"On OE and ME Subjectless Constructions and their Disappearance"

ONOZUKA Hiromi:"Simple Futurates and Stative Verbs"

SATO Nobuo:"On the Definite Article and the Demonstratives"

UCHIDA Megumi:"On the Derivation of Parenthetical Clauses"

UTSUMI Jun:"On Extrasyllabicity, Syllable Structure, and Vowel Alternation in English"

YAMADA Makoto:"On Extraposed Gerunds"

EEL No. 3 (1988)

AKI Takamichi:"On the Internal Syntax of the Tough-Construction"

NISHINA Hiroyuki:"English Conditionals and Event Structure Model (II)"

SUGIYAMA Toru:"There Construction from the Viewpoint of Discourse Grammar"

TAKAHASHI Kazuo:"Two Semantic Conditions for Quantifier Negation"

EEL No. 2 (1987)

AMANO Masachiyo:"On The Movement of The Indirect and Direct Object in Present-Day and Old English"

ISOZAKI Kuniteru:"On The Relative-like Particle 'than"

KIKUCHI Akira:"Control and Phrase Structure"

NISHINA Hiroyuki:"English Conditionals and event Structure Model (I)"

OISHI Ysuyoshi:"On Blocking in Word Formation"

OTUBO Yoshiko:"Re-interpreting Locutionary act, Illocutionary act and Perlocutionary act From the Viewpoint of Discourse Analysis"

EEL No. 1 (1986)

GOTO Masahiro:"A Note on Word-Final /t/, /d/ Elision in Natural Speech"

ITAGAKI Kanichi:"On the Cataphoric Definite Noun Phrases"

KANEKO Yoshiaki:"A Study on the Interpretive System of Tense in English"

KAWAHIRA Yoshio:"The X1-Complement Successive Accumulation Condition for Wh-Movement Transformation"

MARUTA Tadao:"On Periphrastic Existential Sentences: An Analysis Based on the Predication Type"

OGIHARA Hiroshi:"On the Interpretation Rule and Principle Operating in the Restrictive Relative Clause Constructions in English"

OISHI Tsuyoshi:"On V-ability"

TAKAHASHI Kiyoshi:"On the Specificity of Indefinite Noun Phrases in Opaque Contexts and their Coreference Options: A Review of Jackendoff's (1972) and Decarrico's (1980) Analyses"