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2020/02/21 Yosuke Sato Seisen University "Causal Pluralism and the Role of Intentionality at the Syntax-Semantics Interface"、"Know Where to Stop: Labeling, Criterial Freezing, And Partial Wh-Movement"

2017/07/06 Akihiko Arano University of Connecticut "Headless vP-movement: Japanese and Beyond"

2016/07/01 Yosuke Sato National University of Singapore "How to Sluice without Move: A Case Study in a Language with Optional Wh-Movement"

2015/09/11 Tadao Maruta Tokyo University of Science (Professor)「動作主指向副詞の意味論」

2015/07/31 Akihiko Arano University of Connecticut "On Intervention Effects in Move and Agree"

2014/09/05 Yosuke Sato National University of Singapore "On the Design of Agreement: A New Perspective from Asian Argument Ellipsis"

2014/01/10 Satoshi Oku Hokkaido University「ガリレオ・スタイルの復習:統語と語用論のインターフェイスを例に」

2008/06/26 Yosuke Sato Universitiy of Arizona "Minimalist Interfaces: Selected Issues in Indonesian and Javanese"

2007/06/14 Thomas Roeper Dept. of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts (Professor) "Acquisition Interfaces: How Implicatures, Pragmatics and experimental Methods Connect"

2007/03/15 Mamoru Saito Nanzan University (Professor)「日本語左方周辺部─スクランブリングと談話構造」

2006/06/25 Jason Ginsberg Arizona University "Overt Q-Feature Movement in Japanese WH-Constructions"

2006/02/23 Koji Fujita Kyoto University (Professor)「言語進化とミニマリスト・プログラム」

2006/02/23 Masumi Matsumoto Osaka Kyoiku University (Professor)「動詞分類と目的語(交替)」

2005/07/15 Yosuke Sato University of Arizona "A Derivational Theory of the Syntax-Prosody Interface:Nuclear Stress, Contraction, and French Liaison"


2010/11/29 言語学ワークショップ・「ミニマリズムとカートグラフィーのインターフェイス」
Commentator: Cedric Boeckx, Guglielmo Cinque, Yoshio Endo

9:30-10:00 江本博昭(東北大学大学院文学研究科専門研究員)Transfer domains
10:00-10:30 北田伸一(東北大学大学院文学研究科後期課程)Passive as a consequence of feature inheritance
10:30-11:00 中村太一(東北大学大学院文学研究科専門研究員)Feature inheritance and phase-driven head movement

11:10-11:40 大倉直子(神田外語大学言語科学研究センター非常勤研究員)Passivization in ditransitives and honorifics
11:40-12:10 Cornelia D. Lupsa(岩手県立大学)Romanian sentence adverbs and root complementizers
12:10-12:40 西山國雄(茨城大学)・小川芳樹(東北大学)Auxiliation, atransitivity, and transitivity harmony in Japanese V-V compounds

14:30-15:30 Cedric Boeckx(バルセロナ大学)Minimalism vs. minimalism: The notion of 'phase' as a case study
15:30-16:30 Guglielmo Cinque(ベニス大学)Toward a unified analysis of relative clauses

2006/08/04-05(金~土) ワークショップ「英文法:理論と学習文法のインターフェイス」